Discussing Cinematography #3: Concordia pt.3 – Creating Mood.

During the final parts of the film the audience can hear the sound of a heart beat monitor slowly creep in, foreshadowing Emily’s deteriorating health. I needed to create the right mood on screen, which consisted of 3 components: lighting, motion and environment. Arguably you can omit motion but I’ll argue its case later.


First, lighting. To match the dire situation I needed something dimly lit, evenly distributed and warm (light temp was a preference). This created a sombre mood in which empathy would be easily accessible. Motion. When I mentioned motion, I was specifically referring to the talents motion. How they move, how they stand and their demeanour (very similar to body language). The way in which Emily walks off defeated , greatly aides the narrative (along with the lighting!) Concordia was edited and delivered back to front, a lot of the scenes were shown in non-chronological order.

Emily is shown walking away after the phone call before having the phone call. This is more of my developed style rather than a device, it just adds flavour to the motion. Nothing fancy :). And lastly, Environment. (This ties in to lighting) Having the lobby lights spread out, and bouncing off the marble floor greatly helped with diffusing the light, and I was able to produce 2 types of shots with it. The spacious and empty lobby really emphasized Emily’s position. We were not able to shoot inside the lobby but the outside work well, dare I say better!