Calvin Klein's Obsessed, A Fashion Film

Obsession. That iconic fragrance campaign pivoted on an idea radical in its simplicity: Instead of fabricating romance for marketing’s sake, what if you document it? Klein himself tapped the rising photographer and muse—then inseparable and in love—sending the couple off to Jost Van Dyke, in the British Virgin Islands, where they camped out at a beachfront ruin for 10 days. [Vouge]

After seeing this Ad around on YouTube and Instagram I wondered if there was more to it than just 30 seconds clips. Perusing, I found 7 of them and decided to collate them to produce this short film - which seems to sell the idea of the campaign a bit better but more so the story behind it. The relationship between a photographer and his model. All footage was shot by Mario Sorrenti, but rearranged by myself. With an addition of a music track to compliment the film as well as corrections regarding film grain. Titling was added for context and orientation.

Personally this is the first time an Ad has reached deep and gripped me. The sheer rawness of and innocence of the young Kate Moss traversing the beach whilst her lover, come photographer captures and documents her. This footage was shot in 1993 only being released now after its still(s) counter-part was received with praise during the initial launch of the campaign. I am all for such campaigns where the talent / subject is not doctored, but rather captured and documented in a way that is true to their nature. I just thought I would share it with you all, and present it in a way that speaks volumes. This is a powerful peace of art. A showcase of the young naivete soul. Cherished with words of love. I'm mesmerised.