Building the Astro Helmet for Small Utopia.

Originally, this helmet was built with another script I wrote in mind - a sci-fi tale, which I hope to still make one day. It took MONTHS, almost a year to find the right shape of motorcycle helmet that could be molded into sc-fi looking get up. While stressful, I was still able to learn about different brands, makes, fixtures, sizes. So there's a plus.

Initially I set out with a design in my head, something sleek with a visor wide enough to fully capture the subjects facial expressions. Space was also quite important to get it to feel like a proper helmet rather than a motor cycle helmet. (If you've worn one before you would know how restrictive the space can be - safety first I guess) 

My Dad helping me test the helmet!

My Dad helping me test the helmet!

I thought it would be a good idea to let people know where i got the helmet and materials from, so they could perhaps build their own.

The Helmet

Pretty Standard motorcycle helmet - except that it has this sleek sci-fi look that is unmatched to my knowledge (would love to be proved wrong!)


The LED's


This particular LED strip was great, it came with a wireless remote and receiver that would allow me to select from a range of colours. Its also programable but I never figured out how to!


The Battery pack

Standard battery pack - supplies 12V DC which is important. Prior to this I had purchased a power bank thinking it would be able to supply me with the 12V that i needed, However the output was only 5V! A lesson to make sure the components are compatible together before purchasing them!

And with these Three ingredients you can build the helmet as is! I was planning on adding some torches lamps at the top of the helmet but my "budget" ran out. Maybe sometime later on. A few notes: We (Dad and I) ended up cutting the wires on the LED power supply, towards the mains, and soldered them to the battery pack. That way the helmet would be portable and allow the user to wear them without any hindrance.

Section cut-out to allow for more visor real estate.

Section cut-out to allow for more visor real estate.

The Astro-Helmet required some further modifications - I needed more visor estate for the subject. So we opted (my Dad that is!)  to chop off the plastic at the mouth (marked in red above). It was fairly easy but it did compromise the structural integrity of the jaw piece, but other than that it was still fine!

Here are some more grabs from the test I was performing, LUT - KODAK GOLD GEN 6 FPE (IMPULZ LUTS) 

P.s I dont know whether I was trying to smile or not in that pic below.