I recently went out to shoot some test footage / monolouge with great Actor and friend Marc Aldridge. T'was a good stretch and luckily for me it was an over cast afternoon with slight ( very slight,) hint of the golden hour light. Which allowed for a mellow soft look. Shot at T 1.4 - 5.6,  I was able to get flattering images! however this test's purpose was to carry out some readings on the noise, which for me is an issue on the Scarlet MX. And find optimal fan settings. Among other things It also served as practice for my never ending pursuit for a utopian workflow as well as grading technique and understanding colour. You can view the test footage down below !

I'm still trying to find the most efficient workflow regarding redRAW footage. But this time round it was graded in DaVinici, rendered to 2K (H.264) from 4K files. Then taken into Premiere Pro for a quick cut and title. I'm also new to the Davinci ecosystem but so far I'm loving it. Leaps and bounds better than Lumetri for me. I've been missing out on much!

The footage was graded starting with the LUT F-8240 from IWLTBAP. Very Versatile all-round LUT that provided a great foundation for me to grade upon. I would definitely suggest you guys  go check out their website They have a LUT of LUTS (Lame joke I know). But seriously its such a wide range that would most likely cover any project.  And at 99+ Luts for $25/£20 its a steal! I know this sounds sponsored but its not, I genuinely love the work these guys are doing over there!

Down below are some screens from the test. I was thinking of releasing the R3D files for people to play about with, but since the file size is so large I'll do it per request!

And again, thanks for reading.